Yes, Colin Firth. I first heard of him in Bridget Jones's Diary. Back then, I didn't understand why they got him to play opposite the positively charming, Hugh Grant in the first place. Let me explain. The synopsis of the movie went like this - Colin gets to compete with Hugh for lead Renee's affection. I was like, there's no contest there! (Or so I thought).

But then I got to actually watch the first Bridget Jones. I loved the whole movie and remembered being charmed out of my socks and feeling a bit intrigued by Colin Firth. Several movies and favorite English actors later, I got to see Colin on some other movies - The English Patient, (because I was so taken with Ralph Fiennes), What A Girl Wants (because I was at home flipping channels)and Love Actually (same reason as with the previous movie). His character in Shakespeare in Love didn't actually register with me. (Only became aware he was there ages after) Was too busy on Joseph and Gwyneth to notice the unwanted and meddlesome Lord Wessex.
And with that moustache to boot ..!

Fast forward to the present: Bridget Jones II. Hmmn - There is definitely something about Colin Firth.

It took me that long but this got me started on reading just about anything about the actor.

From what I have read so far, Colin Firth has legions of female fans and that most were converted by that moment when he emerged, wet and fully-clothed from a brief splash he took as Darcy on BBC's made for TV adaptation of Pride and Prejudice.

So I guess I can put a little distance between myself and his post-Darcy fans. I'm not sure why but I want to make that distinction nonetheless.