Saw Transformers 2, 'Revenge of the Fallen'. If you haven't seen it yet, stop reading here. Spoilers follow.

I'll start with what I liked about the movie. I trooped to the theater because I wanted to see the Autobots again and I sure wasn't disappointed. There's an early fight scene at Shanghai with Optimus Prime and the rest of the autobots(sans Bumblebee) stalking and bringing down two decepticons with the help of a secret US-lead international taskforce under Major Lennox (Duhamel). Back at the US, Bumblebee had a scene all his own terminating mini-monsters.

Here's the rest of my take on the second Transformers movie.
Crossword puzzles, anyone?

Never got the hang of it though. Tried to do some but I always give up in under 15 minutes. I am looking for hobbies to pick up and next to learning to swim and playing the guitar, finishing crossword puzzles places last on my top three.

Found this on Times online. Nothing there though that anybody who has grappled with crosswords don't know.