Wonderful day to be out in a park so I picked up my digicam and headed to National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. 'CowParade - Taichung Tour' showcases several cows in various imaginative and artistic incarnations: a bedazzled cow, a cow with tiny-flimsy wings made of beads and wire, a black cow on a rocker with matching leather saddle just to name a few.

Here are pictures of the exhibit. Enjoy!

This one is the sculpture that I like the best.

Deconstructing cow.

Neat, eh!

The plaque on the sculpture says Andy Lau. Wondering if it meant the Hongkong star.

This one's sponsored by a local bank.

Beef noodles, anyone?

On the left side.

On the right.

Closer shot of the female figure.

This cow has a bunch of twigs with mini-cows hanging from it.

The mini-cows up close.

The view from the elevated walk.

Til next time.