Randy David is a sociologist, a University of the Philippines professor and a well respected public commentator. He writes a weekly column at the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Public Lives. Read his scholarly take on the Philippines current political and social climate here.

His article comparing Ferdinand Marcos and Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is too accurate for comfort as his systematic detailing of how Arroyo manipulates the law to deal with principled critics. These are dangerous times for courageous men who oppose tyranny.
So much time in my hands nowadays what with the employment round around not going where I want it. Here's an interesting article on proxemics - personal space. I think we all have had that experience of feeling annoyed when someone stands too close, or stares too intensely. Very interesting how individuals are wired psychologically. And much of it unconscious.

Hope you find it as interesting as I did.
A creative take on an old problem courtesy of technology and the world wide web. Read it here.

An article at New York Times (November 2) by David Pogue talked about Microsoft offering free domain, web hosting plus some more neat perks for small businesses via Office Live.
Article here. I went to microsoft.com to check it out but unfortunately, the service is available only in the US, Germany and Japan. Darn! Was having visions of my name.com back there. I guess I'll have to make do with blogspot for now.
A retired teacher talks about the her memories evoked by fruits. Read her article here. Local color abound.

What will you remember after thirty years?

Read Conrado de Quiros' toast to the Democrats' victory in the US elections.
I read Conrado de Quiros' take at how the result of US election, specifically the Democrats' victory, affects Philippine politics. Click to read article here.

It goes to show that in this time and age, if we can't make our politicians at home act nobly or even at the very least appropriately, we can always count on American politicians to tell them to do so. Not the Americans fault but what can I say?
I doubt it very much if even God coming down from heaven will make Arroyo behave. With all the things she has done, what will ever stop her from upping the ante? How much more are we willing to take from someone who cheated in the elections by using taxpayers money, rules without mandate nor support from the people, systematically murders critics and at the same time bribes supporters with money (guess whose) and poses with every decent, popular figure at the moment (the latest was Ronato Alcano, the 2006 World Pool Champion) hoping perhaps that their triumph can rub on to her?

If we Filipinos can't fight our own battle, how can we expect others to fight with us?

A glimmer of hope.
Ronato Alcano is the the new World Pool Champion

The 2006 Philippines World Pool Championship ended yesterday with Ronato Alcano of the Philippines beating Ralf Souquet of Germany to become the 2006 World Pool champion. He is the third Filipino to win the title after Efren 'Bata' Reyes first raised the trophy in 1999. Read the rest of the story here.

Ronato Alcano the 2006 World Pool Champion.

Ralf Souquet's interview here.

For related stories on the recently concluded Pool championship, check out the official site here.
I have managed to finally post the pictures we took on the zoo. Here they are.

The Giraffes.

Gazelles or impalas?

One up close. Notice the white vertical lines on its body.

The king of the Jungle is taking a nap.

One very tired muscat.

Two young rhinoes out of the water.

Do you know what these animals are called? ...

These monkeys were perched on top of logs way above the ground. They seem to enjoy the attention and are giving the crowd a better view of them.

A bison in its pen. We got to the zoo an hour before closing time and most of the animals are already being hearded toward their night sheds.

This lioness was restlessly pacing around her pen.

I remember this animal was tagged as the Red Panda. Didn't really think there was one.

This penguin separated himself from the group, stood on a ledge and vigorously shook its head. It keep stretching its neck too. I wonder what he's trying to say? ...

The Penguin group

Another shot at them.

A Koala!

And another.


Like I said before the zoo is really very big and we plan on coming back so we can explore the areas we missed. From what we've seen, it will probably take half a day to explore the whole zoo. I only got to see the elephant enclosure from afar! We'll definitely be back.

Here I am posing beside the giant totem pole. My husband David took the picture.

Til next post.
The 2006 Philippines World Pool Championship

After defeating his countryman, crowd favorite Efren "Bata" Reyes, Ronato Alcano is the lone remaining Filipino bet in the on-going 2006 Philippines World Pool Championship. Story here.

Official site of the event here.
Here's something about Filipino food popular in Japan. Click http://showbizandstyle.inq7.net/lifestyle/lifestyle/view_article.php?article_id=31399.
I find it interesting that we are contributing to Japanese culture since Japanese Anime are very popular back home not mention the fact that Filipinos love Japanese food.
As the title of my blog indicates, there's quite a mishmash of things you can read here. Part of me says I need to create some sort of a niche but if you are still reading this, I hope it's because you appreciate the sort of topics you come across in each visit. That said, thanks for stopping by. :o)

I read with great interest this article at NYT today. Isn't she grand? I think that given half her enthusiasm for languages, my Mandarin would be flawless by now. But as it is, her half is hers and my minuscule is mine to the utter detriment of moi! I really need to work on my chinese.
I take heart at the fact that somewhere out there, Elizabeth Little is pouring through obscure languages she doen't seem to plan on using while I ought to be having a good time living with the one language I ought to be speaking fluently. How difficult can that be?
The Manila-based Asian Development Bank has published a book entitled "Converting Migration Drains into Gains" last week. In it ADB warned the Philippines that the continuing diaspora of skilled labor will negatively impact overall productivity and eventually hurt foreign investments. Read article here. Another article shows in statistics just how much remittances from Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) factor in the entire GNP of the country.

The government ought to take heed. The migration will continue as people are weary of the widespread corruption and lack of economic and professional opportunities at home.
Will the day come when every Filipino will feel it unthinkable to live elsewhere?
I hope to see that day dawning.
Top 10 things to do on Taipei:
(Yahoo! Travel)

1. Visit the Shihlin Night Market. It is the oldest and largest in Taipei. Lots of bargains to be had here.

2. Go to Pali through Tanshui River by taking a ferry ride at Tamshui Terminal.

3. Feel closer to nature by visiting Yangming Park.

4. Get on top of the tallest building in the world at Taipei 101.

5. Observe the hourly changing of the guards at the Martyrs' Shrine.

6. Don't miss another of Taipei's major landmark, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. Dedicated to the memory of the first president of the Republic of China(Taiwan).

7. Sample the foodstuff and pick out some bargains at Jao Ho Street Night Market.

8. Want to sit by and relax after all that walking? Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall's wide open spaces and beautifully kept gardens is the perfect place for you.

9. If you have a few nights free, come and join the Mono Club. They offer free skating lessons on Tuesdays, rollerhockey night on Thursdays and an 18km skate through the city on Fridays.

10. Want a to see a panoramic view of Taipei? Shin Kong Observatory is the place to go.

Don't miss the National Palace Museum. It holds the largest collection of Chinese artifacts, paintings and other works of art. A must see if you decide to visit Taipei.
I posted an earlier article yesterday but somehow the links won't work so I had to keep it among the drafts. Let's see. Been under the weather for the past two days, what with all the rain and dropping temperature we've had here. (Not freezing mind you, but the sudden cold temperature had me and mom coughing.) The way the rain was falling, I thought I'd never see a sunny day again until summer! But surprise surprise, the sun was up today. Thanks goodness for the sunshine!