I've been looking around, reading other blogs when I came upon this
interesting topic for a blog carnival.

The topic is, 'In a former life, I must have been _______. You think of an animal that shares your personailty traits and fill in the blank with that animal's name.

Okay, Let's see - I'm quiet, hates commotions, litter and chaos. I like to keep things orderly and I'm fiercely loyal and protective of my family. I wish I could say that I must have been a cat but I identify more with the flock than with an individual. I love the sensation of flying too - whether on a plane or on a fast motorcycle with the wind on my hair. I consider the great open sky and a strong, steady breeze as pure joy. I like to be free and if I could trade my human legs for anything, I'd get wings. I think I must have been a bird in a past life. A bird that travels with a flock, follows the changing seasons and comes back to its birthplace once every year. Yes, I must have been a bird.