As the title of my blog indicates, there's quite a mishmash of things you can read here. Part of me says I need to create some sort of a niche but if you are still reading this, I hope it's because you appreciate the sort of topics you come across in each visit. That said, thanks for stopping by. :o)

I read with great interest this article at NYT today. Isn't she grand? I think that given half her enthusiasm for languages, my Mandarin would be flawless by now. But as it is, her half is hers and my minuscule is mine to the utter detriment of moi! I really need to work on my chinese.
I take heart at the fact that somewhere out there, Elizabeth Little is pouring through obscure languages she doen't seem to plan on using while I ought to be having a good time living with the one language I ought to be speaking fluently. How difficult can that be?