I have managed to finally post the pictures we took on the zoo. Here they are.

The Giraffes.

Gazelles or impalas?

One up close. Notice the white vertical lines on its body.

The king of the Jungle is taking a nap.

One very tired muscat.

Two young rhinoes out of the water.

Do you know what these animals are called? ...

These monkeys were perched on top of logs way above the ground. They seem to enjoy the attention and are giving the crowd a better view of them.

A bison in its pen. We got to the zoo an hour before closing time and most of the animals are already being hearded toward their night sheds.

This lioness was restlessly pacing around her pen.

I remember this animal was tagged as the Red Panda. Didn't really think there was one.

This penguin separated himself from the group, stood on a ledge and vigorously shook its head. It keep stretching its neck too. I wonder what he's trying to say? ...

The Penguin group

Another shot at them.

A Koala!

And another.


Like I said before the zoo is really very big and we plan on coming back so we can explore the areas we missed. From what we've seen, it will probably take half a day to explore the whole zoo. I only got to see the elephant enclosure from afar! We'll definitely be back.

Here I am posing beside the giant totem pole. My husband David took the picture.

Til next post.