I read Conrado de Quiros' take at how the result of US election, specifically the Democrats' victory, affects Philippine politics. Click to read article here.

It goes to show that in this time and age, if we can't make our politicians at home act nobly or even at the very least appropriately, we can always count on American politicians to tell them to do so. Not the Americans fault but what can I say?
I doubt it very much if even God coming down from heaven will make Arroyo behave. With all the things she has done, what will ever stop her from upping the ante? How much more are we willing to take from someone who cheated in the elections by using taxpayers money, rules without mandate nor support from the people, systematically murders critics and at the same time bribes supporters with money (guess whose) and poses with every decent, popular figure at the moment (the latest was Ronato Alcano, the 2006 World Pool Champion) hoping perhaps that their triumph can rub on to her?

If we Filipinos can't fight our own battle, how can we expect others to fight with us?

A glimmer of hope.