Continuing my recent fascination with articles that chronicle what make doctors tick, here'a another one. The research uncovers the effects of consecutive 24-hour shifts on interns, and consequently on the patients they see.

Ever heard of the largest flower in the world? This is one flower you can't expect to get come Valentine's Day. Who would want a flower that stinks like rotting flesh anyway? For more details on this rather weird and stinky bloom, check this out. Rafflesia is endemic to Southeast Asia. Hmm, more reasons to marshall efforts to preserve rainforests. Who knows what other exotic plants and animals lay undiscovered within them?

I've picked up a couple of books from the library: 'In Search of Stones' by M. Scott Peck and 'Emotional Intelligence' by Daniel Goleman . Dr. Peck's book needs several moments of contemplation so I take time to read him; Dr. Goleman's book is very informative. It delves into the physiology of emotions hence it feeds my thirst for cold, hard facts that I seldom - if ever - associate with my emotions. I'm halfway through this one. I find it a good read. The book was published in 1995 and I do hope Mr. Goleman published an updated edition. I'll do some digging by Monday and I'll post updates here.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!