Had a good laugh this morning when I got to read the Grit's comment today. My apologies for the frustration my un-updated blog has caused you and those who have faithfully visited. I'll do my best not to neglect my blog again.

I visited Filipina Soul and through a couple of blog connections discovered A Dress A Day

Erin's latest entry was about tagging - if you get tagged, you write 5 things about yourself that you have never posted before and you have to tag 5 other people. I posted my response on her blog which I also posted here.
The second part - tagging others - I tag the Brit and Grit, and Erik.
Hope you have fun and I'm looking forward to reading your lists. Here's mine:

1. I have a six-year old nephew - Macky - who I love very, very much. He's a smart kid, on top of his class and is both naughty and sweet.

2. I have four sisters and one brother.

3. My idea of good times are: a good book; solitude; sorting out my stuff; chocolates or spaghetti (my favorites) and hanging out with the ones I love.

4 & 5. When I was around 10 or 11, I saw a part of a romantic movie entitled 'Starstruck' on tv. It was way past my bedtime and Mama told me to turn it off. The thing that stuck with me all this time was what the grandmother character told her grandson about never letting the one you love 'get away'. She went on to say that she married a good man but that until that time and already in her 70s, she still wonders about a man that she once danced with - 'the one that got away'. And darn I didn't get to finish watching that movie! Is there anybody who can remember the movie?

Start writing your lists!