" Listening four or five times a day to newscasters and commentators, reading the morning papers and all the weeklies and monthlies - nowadays this is described as "taking an interest in politics". St. John of the Cross would have called it indulgence in idle curiosity and the cultivation of disquietude for disquietude's sake."
- Aldous Huxley

Quoted him for what he said rings true for me. Hmm ... there I was thinking I was trying to know what is going on around the world for surely, knowing helps one understand, right? I wasn't even doing it for the sake of 'interest' but merely to comfort myself with the thought that I at least am abreast of what is going on outside.

I remembered an old Sufi story I read somewhere about a man on his knees on the street looking for something. Another man passed him by and asked what was wrong. The first man said he had lost his key. And so the second man helped him look. This went on for a while and when they couldn't find it on the street, the second man asked the first man where he had lost the key. "Inside the house" came the reply. The second man asked him in turn what the heck he was doing looking for the key out in the street. The first man then replied, "Because it is bright here".

If only I wasn't so predisposed to thinking too much ...