Going green is not just fashionable these days; it is increasingly becoming the best way to live. With Mother’s day just around the corner, what better way to show your love to Earth and to Mom than by getting gifts that do not harm the environment. Here are my picks for green gifts ideas:
Home Décor – For Moms with an an eye for beautiful and unusual pieces to decorate her home.
1. Recycled Glass Tree Globes – made from broken shards of glass that’s been melted and handcrafted by artist Stephen Kitras. Beautiful glass globes with vibrant splashes of color. Perfect ornament for the environment-conscious Mom.
2. Votive Flower Holder – Haitian Votive flower holders made in Haiti from recycled steel oil drums. Handcrafted by artisans from Comite Artisanal Haitian. Exquisitely made, and brightly colored, these will serve as beautiful flower vases or as pretty display pieces on their own.
3. Vintage Flash camera Clock – A clock made with vintage flash camera that’s bound to appeal to a photography-enthusiast mom. Wonderful combination of history and style with recycling in mind.
4. Ammunitions Case Wine Rack – a reimagining that’s bound to make wine lovers happy. Made from vintage ammunitions boxes dating from the 60~70s, it can now hold wine bottles for storage.

Jewelry – Gift ideas that merge functionality, recycling and style. She’ll definite love these recycled, handmade items.
1. Earth-tones Sea Glass watch – A timepiece made from recovered glass that’s been broken, tumbled and washed by the combined force of the sea and the sands. A piece of jewelry that any eco-conscious mom would be proud to wear.
2. Earrings and bracelets – whether made from recovered sea glass, recycled sterling silver or vintage glass cabochons, jewelry that’s been handcrafted from recycled and recovered items fuse personality, style and a personal statement of regard for the environment.

Wine – For a mom that entertains with style and a green conscience.
1. Capri hand painted Balloon Wine Glasses - wine glasses from recycled glass that’s been fired and hand painted in Italy.
2. Seltzer Vintage Bottle Wine Holder – made from recycled Argentinian circa-1930s Seltzer glass and metal bottles. Combines elegance and class.
3. Mini Wine Display – made with retired oak wine barrels. Handcrafted in Georgia.

Environmentally-friendly Bags – Must-have for green Moms with style.
1. Confetti Clutch made from recycled candy wrappers - A stylish and colorful clutch bag made with criss-crossed recycled candy wrappers. Handmade from Mexico and Peru. Available in recycled newspaper, too.
2. The UM Carry Bag – made with excess industrial wool, Josh Jackus gray hand bag packs the elegance and utility in this exceptional bag. Made in San Francisco, USA.

Pampering with the environment in mind – enjoy luxurious pampering without hurting the environment
1. An all natural Spa basket - A sauna kit that includes everything Mom needs to cleanse, hydrate and beautify: a massaging brush, pumice stone, loofah, nail and hair brush plus a selection of Burt’s Bees relaxation essentials. Just perfect for that hardworking Mom.

Have a Happy and Green Mother’s Day!